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Snowbound in Jerusalem.

So. A combination of extra belated birthday predent and belated Christmas miracle yesterday. One day of rain, to accompany my tracking all over town for my doctors appointment, and one day of snow, both of which I would really have appreciated last Saturday, when I staid in the dorms to study. As it stands...

Well. The good part is that it was all so very pretty. The first snow probably (who knows, its been years for me) always is. Classes stopped early, people went out to marvel, catch snowflakes and have snow fights.

Now the bad part. The snow was of such apocalyptic proportions that the entire city shut down. After all, how can the roads and the university function with nearly ONE INCH OF SNOW covering the ground? So, the university closed its gates. I decided the there's a high probability of the single lesson I have on thursday being canceled and that I should go home. A logical decision, perhaps, but there were some problems with implementation.

Despite getting my ides of march warnings in students scurrying for the bus like luggage packing rats from a snow-bound ship, while muttering "gosh, I hope the buses are still going", I thought I could spend an hour leisurely packing and eating in the warmth.

I was wrong. I spent nearly an hour waiting for the bus - plenty going to the uni, but all the ones coming from it had "XXX" for numbers and weren't stopping. All while the total imbeciles over at Egged's information services kept assuring me that there were no problems with the bus service. Anyways. There's a three way intersection near the bus stop. A bus driver FUCKING PARKS HIS BUS IN IT, SO THAT THE TRAFFIC IS ALL JAMMED and... GOES TO EAT A PHALAPHEL. I catch the imbecile as he steps out and convince him to give me and another student a ride, here, there, anywhere buses actually go. Obviously, the moment we get on the bus, the bus heading to the central bus station shows up behind it. Murphy's law and what not.

So finally I get to the bus stop to find out the bus to Beer Sheva is running late... latter... latest... not fucking coming. That's right. THE ROADS OUT OF THE CITY ARE CLOSED ON ACCOUNT OF SNOW. I'm stuck there for 4 hours. Now. I'm not sure how much of the above was Egged's fault, but they're a monopoly with horrible service and quality anyway, so I feel fairly comfortable claiming that they suck, service-vice, whether this tacky incident is relevant vis-a-vis their responsibility or not.

Also. I got to Beer-Sheva late, so I had to take a cab home. I really should trust my judgment of stereotypes - I skipped the first cab because the driver was unshaven and weaselly... then I went back to it after learning of the second cabs price. Well... the driver put on some generic mellow 60's rock on at full blast, didn't bother to turn the cabin light off (at night) and responded to my request to close the window (I remind you, it's snowing in Jerusalem and raining in Beer-Sheva) by fully turning towards me (I was in the back seat) and going "excuse me"? And then ever politely awaiting my response while keeping his eyes on my face. My reaction must have been quite ironic - trying to get a response out that was very fast but coherent enough that he wouldn't be forced to ask me to reiterate it... blah.

Anyway, when I return, I hope I will do so with a camera handy. Not just for the snow. May or may not be neat.

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