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Political Cartoons Compilation - Gorbachev

Short summary - Gorbachev favored nuclear disarmament, a policy of free speech / free criticism of Soviet policy called "Glasnost", and a greater amount of freedom to the Soviet republics - which resulted in Latvia and Lithuania (or however the Nords spell those) declaring independence.

Modern-day Russian cartoonists like to compare Gorby and Obama because... I honestly have no idea why. Because both like to praise democratic ideals? Because predicting the collapse of the United States is back in fashion?

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My Impressions - Avadon 3

Let's talk about Avadon. Specifically, Avadon 3: The Warborn.

Jeff Vogel, of who basically is Spiderweb games, makes retro (way retro, like pre-Baldur's Gate) RPG's, which generally have interesting-ish settings and semi-decent writing.

I fairly enjoyed Avadon 1-2 (abundance of trash combat aside) and really liked Avernum 1-2 (the re-remakes, even though these are fairly dungeon-crawly - the combat system, though superficially similar to Avadon, is quite fun)

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Turns out I really goddamned hate Full Throttle. Wow. Standards change as time goes by. I still love the opening, I still love Maureen, the ending still rocks, but everything in-between...

Actual impressions:

Full Throttle still has the best adventure game opening. (Only slightly messed up by the Remastered changes really ruining the illusion of speeding along the highway)

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Despite what you might immediately assume, this cartoon wants you to consider "due process" a bad thing that only libtards and activist judges would support. "A good cartoon" is what the Something Awful political cartoons thread calls cartoons that seem to convey a message completely opposite of what the cartoonist intended (or that can easily be interpreted as the opposite of what the cartoonist intended). A large compilation can be found here: http://agoodcartoon.tumblr.com/

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Dutch images of 17th century Japan

"Die Gesantschaften an die Kaiser von Japan" (Amsterdam, 1670) Long story short: after Tokugawa Ieyasu and his predecessors unified Japan, helped in part by Western guns and Christianity, the Tokugawa shogunate restricted contact with Western countries. Christianity was officially banned, and the only Westerners allowed to trade in Japan were the Dutch, in Nagasaki.Read more...Collapse )


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